What is Transformational Breathwork?

Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, and Naomi Harris are talking about it. Oprah’s talking about it and Harvard studies are backing it up. 

What exactly is this latest new-age Hollywood fad?

Breathwork is not a fad. In fact, all cultures throughout history used breath to reach altered states of consciousness. In the East, Breath is considered the same as life.  You may have heard words like Chi or Prana. In places like China or India breath is no different than your life force. It makes sense because with your first breath you are alive until your last. The way you breathe is no different that the way you live. 

Transformational breathwork is a deep healing modality that is self-empowering. 

In a breathwork session you will be laying down among comfy pillows on a mat. You will be instructed to breath in a way that a baby breathes: full, conscious, and connected. This breath brings in a high vibrational energy like love. It works by the process of entrainment that simply states that a lower vibrational pattern can be permanently changed into a higher frequency by coming into contact with a higher vibrational energy source. That is why you feel lighter and clear after a breathwork session.  

There are three levels of a Transformational Breathwork session:

First, you will be using the breath to open and clear restricted patterns. Many of us are breathing very shallowly so in this level you will get to experience a new way of breathing.

As you open, you allow the breath to heal your body and integrate trauma and negative thinking. This is the reason we shut down our breath in the first place.  As these lower subconscious energies are cleared, the last phase will be opening to spirit and allowing all the good we want in life.  We focus on the states of being we are wanting to create such as love or joy. 

Transformational Breathwork is not only about breathing. It also includes being held in sacred and safe space, invocation, hands-on support, sacred sound and affirmations. 

Many espouse the healing benefits of breathwork. It is possible you will sleep better,  be calmer, your headaches will lessen, and chronic illnesses can dissolve. I believe that these are beautiful side effects of connecting and opening yourself to the divine. Being healthy is just our natural state of being when we are in the flow of life. 

To really understand how breathwork feels you just have to try it. Sign up class

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