5 ways Transformational Breathwork changed my life

  1. My health. As a kid, I had constant asthma attacks whenever I was around a cat or in the cold. I also had terrible migraines. In my 20’s, I was diagnosed with a chronic bladder condition called Interstitial cystitis. All of this completely cleared when I learned to breathe. I do get an occasional headache.
  2. I’m eerily calm. I didn’t go into fight or flight like I used to when I got into a fender bender on Main St. I don’t freak out anymore in unnerving situations. I know I will be okay. 
  3. Prioritizing pleasure. My husband and I breathe together. Mastering the breath has definitely taken sex to a new level. I know how to be present and feel pleasure in my body. 
  4. Increased sensitivity. In the past, I wore things that looked good on me. I ate things that tasted good. Now I am focused on how things make me feel. I love clothes that are good quality and feel comfy.  I notice how food makes my body feel.  
  5. Surrender to Change. Change used to be hard. I had a hard time letting things go that didn’t feel right. I am now okay when people move out of my life or we are no longer a fit. I also knew when my teaching job wasn’t inspiring me anymore. I now have the courage to reach for inspiration and allow things to change. 

“The dynamic of breathing also takes in the deep world of prayer and meditation, where through the rhythm of the breath you come down to your primordial level of soul.” 

-John Donohue

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